Street To Sand's 2014 SEMA Project '10'acious

Many are thinking... Why so many posts about SEMA? Well, in order to have a completed project in time for Early November you have to start early. Some of the projects that Elite Customs and Street To Sand work on sometimes start a year and half to two years out. Point in case is the current project 10'acious. The boys from Elite Customs and Street To Sand started to think about this project 6 months before the 2013  SEMA show, and parts started to be aquired shortly there after.

Patrick, why are you telling us this? We know the cars we see on TV take time, and not everything happens over night. Well, I am telling you this because the combination of Elite Customs and Street To Sand is a creative combination is one that most people could only dream to find in their own city let alone their state.

Enough of the ranting post the latest from 10'acious:

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